Friday, August 29, 2008

School, Camping and Facing My Fears

I can't believe the end of the summer break is here! It seems like the kids just ended the last school year! It was fun but difficult to have them home all summer. Working at home while 4 kids are running circles around you is a little difficult so I am relieved that a new school year has begun. First the heck is Ashlyn in 4th grade already?! It seems like just yesterday that she was a little girl getting ready to start kindergarten. McKenna is starting kindergarten (officially next Tuesday). She is so excited and seems to really like her teacher. She is completely ready for the change and even though she will be gone part of the day I'm glad that I will still be able to have her to myself a little bit during the day while everyone else is still gone. There's just something about having your youngest start school that pulls at the heartstrings. I am excited for her though and look forward to watching her learn and grow. Ammon is in 3rd grade this year and has enjoyed making new friends. He's had homework every night so far this week which he hasn't been so excited about....especially because the other kids haven't had any yet. Alyssa is entering the 1st grade and has really like it so far. It's been a little bit of an adjustment being there all day but she's seemed to handle it well. Ammon and Alyssa also just started soccer, so I'm sure I'll have some pictures and posts about that coming soon!
Last weekend we went camping at Hyrum Dam Reservior with Jason's family and some friends. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. The not so fun part was that we had a bug infestation. There were millions of some mosquito-like bugs everywhere. Jason came and got me out of the tent to see them flying above the campground. There were so many that they made a buzzing sound. It was DISGUSTING! The mosquitoes were also out in full force and managed to get us all. Which leads me to something else about them.....I swear that this year they have morphed into something really evil. Not only are they everywhere, but I have reacted to them differently. I've had a few that swelled up BIG TIME within just a few minutes. (like a flat disk shape about the size of a silver dollar.) Then, I've also had a few that have left bruises! What they heck?! It used to be that the worst part was just the itching and scratching until there was a scab! But bruises and massive swelling?! In talking to my sister in law and then later to my neice who is a nurse.....I guess they are starting to say that mosquitoes can now carry Lyme Disease. Scary. Needless to say, we will be taking our bug repellent with us everywhere.
Now on to this coming Sunday.........I was asked to speak in church. :( Don't they know how bad I am? jk. I really am not looking forward to talking in front of an entire chapel of people. Hopefully a lot of them will manage to be gone for the Labor Day weekend. That would be great! I think the hardest part is the topic. "How the Light of Christ has Blessed Me and My Family." Maybe for some people this would come easy.....for me.....not so much. So, if any of you have any good ideas, please, please.......let me know. Stories, experiences....anything! Many of you that know me may think that talking would come easy to me since that is about all I do. But talking in front of a group is definitely a fear of mine. What makes it even worse is that they only asked me not Jason. Last time we spoke we did it together. That was much easier. Misery loves company. Well, wish me luck!


Karolynn said...

How did speaking in church go? You did such a great job when you were in Centerville. I remember your talk and thinking how you and Jason were like Ivan and myself. The kids look darling on their first day of school! Miss seeing you around!

Melanie said...

YOur kids are so cute..Kelcie is having so much fun watching them! It's so good that the new neighborhood and ward is treating you well..they are lucky to have you guys..