Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Silly friends

k wasn't MY birthday it was ALYSSA's birthday. :) I'm almost a Christmas baby, not a Halloween time baby.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treating and a Little Halloween Humor

Our family had such a great time on Halloween! The kids had been looking forward to wearing their costumes for just about forever and were glad to finally be able to put them on. They collected way too much candy! As I was "inspecting" (otherwise called "taste testing") I came across this very creative treat:

It says: " We wish we had better candy to give out, but OBAMA took all the good stuff and gave it to your neighbor. Scary. Happy Halloween!" I didn't expect people to incorporate the election into trick or treating, but they did! On the radio I heard about one home where a woman would only give the kids candy if their parents that were with them promised to vote for Obama. I think that is taking it too far. Many parents refused and walked away. Their kids only missing out on a snack sized bag of M&M's. Stupid lady. Halloween is for kids to have fun, not for you to be a jerk! I really feel like this election has really brought a lot of ugliness out of people. But then again maybe it wasn't too far from the surface to begin with.

We also had a birthday last month! Alyssa turned the BIG 7! Yay Alyssa! She invited a few friends and we headed over to Kangaroo Zoo. They had a great time jumping, sliding and running around. She opted for donuts instead of cake. Works for me....they're cheaper and I love variety! Here's a few pictures from that fun day: