Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crippled Mom Chasing Kids

Well, I am healing nicely from the surgery, though I did take a good tumble down 1/2 of our stairs the day after and landed right on my knee....of course. The funny part was, that I didn't even fall because of my bad leg. It was my other one that slipped! I am just clumsy by nature, so it really wasn't a surprise. I am doing much better though and so thankful to everyone that helped out during the first few days. Now it's life back to normal as far as taking care of the family and kids is concerned. I still have a while (@ 6 weeks post surgery) before I will be able to get back on the treadmill, but my physical therapy is going really well so far. The kids were really helpful during the time that I was down and Jason managed work, the kids and house, like a pro. I'm convinced that he can take on anything and succeed.

The weekend before surgery, we took the kids to the Discovery Gateway. They had tons of fun and Jason and I had a good time watching their little minds at work. It's cute to see how they get so excited about things and how they work to figure stuff out. It turned out to be a really fun day.

Jason and I are going to our first Ward Temple Night together this weekend. It's an exciting time for us and we are happy to live in a place where there are so many beautiful temples to visit. It's also the best to have a husband who enjoys doing that kind of stuff and who has such a love for the gospel. It makes life so much easier and so much more fulfilling to be able to work toward goals together. When he and I were dating, I told him that I wanted "a team mate, not a spectator" when it came to raising children, going to church and doing the things that we believe to be right. He has proved that he is just that. He is constantly helping and settting a good example for not only the kids but for myself. He sets the bar high and makes me want to be better each day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Christine's update

The surgery is finally done and I am doing well. A little tipsy and absentminded from the medication, but heck, when am I not that way anyway. :) I'm amazed by all of the wonderful people, both family and friends that have offered to help us out. We really appreciate it! Thank you!

I'll write more when I'm a little more with it and when I feel like I'm not going to tip over and fall asleep on the keyboard.