Friday, July 11, 2008

All about the love of my eternity....Jason

Since this is Jason's birthday month, (he was born 7/7/ cool is that?) I thought I would do a little feature on him. Happy 31st birthday hottness!
Something that I learned about him right off is that he has a genuine love for others. He enjoys getting to know all about them....all the little details of their personality and what made them who they are today. Not only does he listen to them, but he commits it to memory. You'll never wonder if he's just asking you questions to keep the conversation going.....he really wants to know about you and he cares what you have to say. This is one of the qualities that makes him loved by everyone he meets.
He's the best therapist. (and free!) :) He takes the time to listen to everything from stories about a disfunctional childhood and mistakes you've made to the everyday stresses that sometimes have you at the end of your rope. He's really good at helping others look at the brighter side of things. One of his favorite things to tell me is "Fake it till you make it." Which basically means, even if you are having a bad day, week, month...whatever, you should fake that you don't feel that way....count your blessings.......try to think more positively and eventually you will make yourself that way. This also helps to not bring those around you down. I must admit that he is much better at this than I am. He has a good understanding of people and how emotions and experiences play in to who they are and why they do the things they do. I really think he was meant to be a therapist.......or at least my therapist.
He's a very hard worker. When I met him he was working 2 jobs, which totalled up to about 70+ hours per week. He had maintained this schedule for years, during which he also took care of his 2 kids. He survived on very little sleep but always had a positive attitude and always made sure to support Ammon and Alyssa in their interests. He was a soccer, baseball & ballet dad. Any project that he takes on, he does so with 100%. He doesn't cut corners and will only do quality work. He sees things through to the end. When someone would ask Jason's grandpa if something was good enough, his reply would be, "Is it perfect? Perfect is good enough." I think Jason does everything perfect. Grandpa would be proud!
He loves the gospel and has a strong testimony. He sets such a great example for me and our kids. He's always teaching them about gospel truths and helping them to be better each day.
He's extremely unselfish. He puts his family first and will do anything for someone that has a need. Because of his concern for others that I mentioned before, he truely wants to make others happy and will do what is needed to accomplish that. I think this is something that has really blessed our marriage and helped us to have the amazing relationship that we do.
I could go on and on about all of Jason's wonderful I'm sure many of you already know. He really is the most loving, compassionate and perfect person I've ever known and I am sooooo grateful to have him as my husband and eternal companion. He helps me to be a better person everyday.


Karolynn said...

That was a great tribute to your husband. It was so great to know all of these thing about him. He sounds like such a great guy!