Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good times....good times.....

Many of you may be wondering how Jason and I are managing as the parents of 4 wonderful and crazy kids. I figure this may be a way for us to keep you all updated on our hectic, fun filled lives. The last 7+ months have been full of changes and an abundance of blessings for all of us. It's amazing how much life can change in such a short period of time! This time last year, I was living in Springville, busting butt to take care of Ashlyn and McKenna and completely fed up with the dating scene. Jason was enduring a divorce, busting his cute little butt trying to work two jobs while taking care of Alyssa and Ammon. Now, fast forward to today and we're married with 4 kids! All I can say is....WOW! It's like that insurance commercial that says, "Life comes at you fast...", SERIOUSLY, in our does! Life has never been better and we are sooooo glad that we found each other.

The kids are all doing great too. They've seemed to mesh together well and have become really good friends. Yes, they fight....but not any more than birth siblings do...and even then, maybe less. So far so good.

Ashlyn has a part in her schools musical and has been practicing along with her Suessical The Musical cd. (which.....might have to conveniently find it's way to the garbage when this is all over to save me from going crazy). She's excited to strut her talent as "Baby Bird #1".

Ammon was baptised last Saturday. We are so proud of him! He tries really hard to be good, just occasionally gives in to teasing his sisters. What's a boy to do though? I mean really....1 boy with 3 sisters! It's bound to happen.

After the baptism we had a family party at Jason's parent's home. My family was all impressed with Melody's (grandma Evans) decorating. I don't think I've ever been to anyone's home that is more festive. She really makes it nice. We stayed for a few hours after the party and played Apples to Apples with the other stragglers. I think the funniest part of the night was watching Scott (grandpa Evans) laughing so hard he was crying! His face just crunches up and he looks like the cutest little thing! I wanted to pinch his cheeks he was so cute! (the ones on his face of course.) :) The other cheeks are reserved for the Nerf gun! (though I'm pretty sure it was Jason that shot him...not me! I wouldn't do something like that!) ;)

Alyssa is Star of the Week in her kindergarten class. Jason and I made a poster for her and attended her class for a while Monday morning to tell all about her. I'm pretty sure Jason is just about her favorite person, so she was just about beaming when he was telling her class all about the things she likes and stories about her life.

McKenna....well, to say it bluntly.......she runs the house. Yep, she's in charge. Whatever that 4 year old fireball wants....she gets.....or at least tries her dangdest to get. She's so much fun though and keeps us on our toes. She's attending pre-school and amazes us with the things she is learning. Jason and I enjoy watching her as she plays in her own little La-La Land. She becomes completely oblivious to anything going on around her. She could play, sing and dance her little heart out without even noticing if the house was collapsing around her. She doesn't depend on others to make her happy....she just goes to her happy place......which we've named "Kenna's World"....(like on Sesame Street when Elmo sings, "Elmo's World".) She seriously cracks me up.

It's my intent to keep this updated so everyone can see what we're up to. I hope you're all doing well!