Friday, January 18, 2008

A break from the crazy life

Tonight is date night! :) Finally! The kids are all with our ex's, so Jason and I are taking a break and spending some much needed time ALONE. I can't even tell you how excited I am! Woooo Hoooooo! I love all of the kids, but it's soooo sooooo nice to have some time without them sometimes.

The kids say funny things all the time and I think to myself, "I really should write that down so we can remember it when they're bigger." Unfortunately I never do because I think that I'll never forget something THAT funny, but then......I forget. This week Ammon said something really funny that I thought I'd share. We were all headed over to Gma and Gpa Evan's place to celebrate the birthdays this month. Gma Evans asked us to dress nice so that she could get a picture of us along with her other kids. I picked out clothes for everyone and we proceeded to get ready. When it was time to get in the van, I noticed that Ammon wasn't wearing what I had picked but an old, faded grey shirt. (it completely didn't fit into my color scheme!) When I noticed that he wasn't in the right one I asked Jason to help him change into something nice. They went back into the house. Ammon then asked Jason what was wrong with his shirt. Jason said, "well, mom just wants you to wear something nice....something more fancy." Ammon looked at him and said, "Dad, we're not fancy people....we don't have a glass table." It's funny how kids see things so differently. It's really cute.

The highlight of the week for me was on Wednesday when Jason surprised me with a dozen roses and card. He does such nice things for me all of the time. I've never known a man to devote so much of his time and effort to his family and loved ones. He gives all he has and then musters up some more....and does it with a smile! How did I ever make it through a day before he came along? He's definitely my best friend and favorite thing in the whole world. I feel like the luckiest woman ever!

This was a pretty normal week so there's not too much to report. Life is good. I love my family and I feel so blessed.