Thursday, October 2, 2008

Return of the Slacker

So, I managed to be a total slacker again and it's been forever since I've had a real post. Just as I have done in the past, I am going to say that I will do better and try to update you all a little more often. Life just gets too busy and I barely remember to breathe, let alone blog. Since school started I've been running around like a crazy lady. I thought that my schedule would ease up a little bit since the kids would be gone for a large chunk of the day.....but it's not so. I am still super busy, thus I've had a hard time finding the time to blog.

What's new? Well, I'll tell you. :)

I have been called to teach in the primary of our new ward. I will be teaching the 9 year olds, which until the end of the year will include Ashlyn and Ammon. I've already threatened them that they better be really, really good. I'm glad to have a calling again and for the opportunity to challenge myself. I don't just want to be a teacher, I want to be a good teacher.

We've also made a goal to read the scriptures as a family each night that we are able and since we've started I've realized how much the kids already know. We go through pretty slowly so we can make sure to explain what's going on so they understand. It's fun to see how interested they are in the stories. We've all really enjoyed spending the time together as a family doing something that brings us closer together and will help each of our testimonies to grow. I've noticed that because we are explaining everything so thoroughly that I am getting much more into it than I have before. I think it's also affected me in a different way than ever before because as we read and study, I sit there looking at my family and thinking about how much I really want to be with them forever. I'm still overwhelmed everyday with how much my life has changed and how extremely blessed I am.

I've made a new goal for myself to try making a new recipe each week. My cooking skills seriously need some help. I was raised in a home where not much cooking went on and to this day I still don't know how we survived. Somehow we did though and now I am in some serious need of cooking experience. So far so good though, I actually tried 2 new recipes this week. Pumpin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cheesy Beefy Casserole from watching Good Things Utah. Both were soooo good.

Next on the list.....IT'S OCTOBER! I absolutely love this month. I love the cool air, pumpkins, crisp leaves and wearing jackets (cause it's about like wearing a blanket all day long......Now if I could just find a wear to wear my pillow too......Then not only would I be totally comfortable, but I could nap anwhere, would be perfect!)

While I was getting ready for the day on Thursday, I had all these little snips of poems going through my head. I kept making them up and eventually decided that they sounded pretty good......good enough to maybe write down. I felt like a school girl sitting here at my computer writing poems but I realized it was a lot of fun! I even suprised myself a bit. I'm not too confident about anything creative that I do, I thought I would read them to Jason and the kids to see what they thought of them. At first I didn't tell them that I wrote them so that they couldn't have a biased opinion or just tell me that they were good as to not hurt my feelings. They all thought they were great, then I told them that I wrote them. The kids thought it was cool and Jason eyes beamed when he realized I had created them. It was a sweet moment. So, now that I feel like they are worthy of sharing, here goes. Hope you like em. :)

Autumn’s Embrace

Chilled wind wisps through swirling leaves,
Lifting them round scraggly trees.
Pumpkins carved to light the night,
Candles beam through windows bright.
Smells of spices fill the air,
Stirring the senses, Fall is here.

~C. Evans

Dinner Directions for Mr. Witch

I’m flying through the night tonight,
To give the kids an awful fright,
But here’s a recipe that’s quick and fast,
Make a bunch and it will last.
I’ll be back before you know,
But here it is before I go:

Blood of bat and eye of frog
Shell of snail, tongue of dog
Hair of cat and earthworm goo
Beak of bird and rat tail too.
Scale of snake, claw of chicken
Take it all into the kitchen.
Mix it in a boiling pot,
Stir it till it’s nice and hot.
Then pour it in a pie pan dear,
And serve it up with cold root beer.

Mrs. B. Witch

~C. Evans

Memories to Hold

Giggles coming from down the hall,
Echos through time against the walls.
Fingerprints long since cleaned,
From windows, walls and everything.
Dollies in boxes awaiting a friend,
Toy engines and trucks not played with again.

Skinned knees and tear drops,
Fairs and parades,
Reading a book or playing a game.
Snuggling together in blankets so warm,
What would they would be like when they were grown?

Kisses and hugs and giggles of joy
Each day loving my girls and my boy.
They were only little for just a short while,
When I think of those days I can’t help but smile.
Now they are grown, the time’s gone so fast,
I love them as much, but hold tight to the past.

~C. Evans


The Larsen's said...

Wow, those were awesome poems. Way to go with the scripture study. It's hard with little ones so I admire you for sticking to it.

Meridith said...

Very cool poems!! You are so creative!

Straight to Your Hart said...

You are so good..poems, teaching, mom, work, EXAmPle!!! It is so important to keep these basic principals going in our homes..way to go girl!!

Straight to Your Hart said...


Straight to Your Hart said...

K...slacker..I gave you an award..go check out my blog!!