Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Big Day

A little over a year ago, Jason proposed to me on this bench at the Bountiful Temple. Life has changed so much since then!

On Saturday, June 7th, Jason and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Bountiful, Utah temple. It was a great experience and one that I am sure will be with us forever. I'm still unable to find the words to express my feelings about that day. It was something so spiritual that it's difficult to describe yet it was such a wonderful experience that I wish I could. I feel so blessed to have Jason as my eternal companion and best friend. He truly makes me want to be better everyday and be the best wife, mother, friend and sister I possibly can be.

After the sealing we held a lunch at North Canyon Park in Bountiful, which has a beautiful view of the valley and has become one of our favorite places. We were surrounded by friends and family which was a really good thing since it was fairly cold. The sun would peak out every once in a while and we would enjoy it while it lasted. Jason and I want to tell everyone that came to the sealing and/or the lunch and all of those who helped out with the lunch and pictures....THANK YOU! You really helped to make the day special and it was great to see all of you! To all who weren't able to come, you were in our thoughts. We missed you and hope to see you soon.


The Larsen's said...

YEAH! Congrats girl.

Melanie said...

It was so awesome to go and see how you two are very devoted to each other. We all need to be that way!!! Congratulations and here's to eternity!!

Karolynn said...

Thanks for telling me about your blog! You have a beautiful family! Sorry about your surgery I had no clue. I hurt mine playing high school basket ball, it sucked. Congratulations on your sealing, I am so happy for the both of you! I love your posts, it reminds me of me and my husband!