Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stinkin Church Basketball

The day is soon approaching. Next Tuesday I will have surgery to repair my knee. Stinkin church basketball. :) I tore my meniscus. For you to have a better idea of where that is, I've included a picture. It's basically the cartilage plate between the bones. My doctor said the surgery only takes about 30 - 45 minutes and I should be home a few hours after that. Unfortunately they do have to put my under to perform the surgery, which I am a little nervous about. I was hoping that they could just give me a shot in my knee and go to town on fixing things. I'm sure everything will go well though and I will be back to chasing kids around the house in no time.
Jason will also have to refrain from calling me "Gimpie".
Last week the 3rd graders put on a program about Native Americans. Jason and I were able to go watch Ashlyn perform with her class. They did such a great job. I was extremely proud of her and amazed at all the songs and actions that they all learned. She nailed her speaking part and impressed me with her dancing. It was one of those moments where I had to use all my strength to hold back tears. Yes....go ahead, make fun of me.....but I can't help it.....I love my kids and I am so proud of them!
Ammon took us to his first Blue and Gold Banquet. He has really loved being part of the Cub Scouts and it's been good for him to get out and make some more friends. He's starting to pass off things in his scouting book and I'm sure Jason will have him earning every badge and belt loop possible. He also lost a tooth last week. Unfortunately it took the Tooth Fairy 3 days to show up. I may have to call her customer service line to complain. ;)
Alyssa is starting to read and is now learning simple addition. Every day I am still amazed at how much happiness and energy can fit into such a small little person. She is such a great little helper and is always asking me if she can help me do things.
McKenna has taken some lessons from Alyssa and has started helping more. The other day she asked me if I would like a drink. I told her "Sure. Thanks." She came back a couple of minutes later and set a glass of water next to me on the desk. She then said, (in an English accent) "Here you go maddam." It was hilarious!
Jason is still my favorite thing ever! I'm sure by now everyone is just about gagging on how I can go on and on and on about him and about how mushy we are, but dang.....I just can't help it. He really is sooooo great! I've come to the conclusion that I had to go through so much crappy stuff before he came along so that I wouldn't ever take him for granted and I would always realize how wonderful he is. Well it worked. I think he is completely and totally amazing and I will love him forever and ever. He's stuck with me. :)
We will have all the kids here this weekend so we're going to try to do somthing fun together.
Ammon and Alyssa are gone most Saturday's, so it will be nice to have everyone home at the same time.
Tonight I'm learning how to make hair bows at our RS activity. I'm up for learning something new. I went and bought a whole bunch of pretty ribbon then realized that I probably wasn't saving all that much by making them myself. Oh well. It should be fun anyway.