Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting settled and making a home

Our new place feels more and more like home everyday. We have really enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful neighbors and watching the kids make new friends. It's great to have the peaceful feeling that we are in the right place and know that we can stay for a long time. It's also been nice to know that we can change whatever we want and make it "ours".

We're still unpacking, though there isn't too much left of that. We mostly just have all the odds and end boxes of things that we can't quite figure what to do with. Maybe another trip to the DI is needed. Even though we had a garage sale and took massive amounts to the DI already, it seems like we still have too much "stuff".

I found a cute couch set on for the front room, so we were able to move our other couches downstairs. Until last night we only had one little dumpy couch downstairs for the family room. The previous owners left it for us because they had a really hard time getting it down the stairs. The husband had said that the only way it was getting out was in pieces because he didn't want to deal with the stair issue again. We found out just what he meant when we tried to move our couches down. We ended up taking our front window out, with the help of a neighbor, to get them in and to get the old couch out. It was a pain but I am soooo glad it all worked out. Now both rooms look great! Jason was also finally able to get that big flat pannel tv that he had been lusting over every time we walked in to Costco. (I swear, they put those things right in front of the door so that every man within a 100 mile radius will somehow smell or sense that they are there and come drool over them.) We've enjoyed it though and Jason's excited for all of the football parties we will be having. Bring on the buffalo wings!

Thanks again to everyone that has helped us get moved in! Friends and family are always welcome to come visit! :)
Last Saturday we attended the wedding of our niece, Mercedes. It was beautiful and very well planned out. Ashlyn was a bridesmaid while Alyssa and McKenna were flower girls. They looked so beautiful in their dresses...just like little princesses. Ammon was the ring bearer and looked very handsome in his tux. (though he was a little less than excited at first about the bright pink tie.) It was really great to see another little family starting. Congratulations Mercedes and Jake!


Karolynn said...

I am glad you are getting all settled in! Miss seeing you around!